Chuck O’Neal, Marty Sullivan, Dierdre Macnab, and Jim Kern brainstorm Florida Trail issues.  Dave Bewley from Sarasota opined that support for completing the Florida Trail from the two biggest agricultural interests in Florida, cattle and citrus, could help tremendously in creating good will for the trail. He suggested that I … Continue reading

Ed Talone: Best in Class

I have tossed around the term “hiker extraordinaire” to compliment some of my long-distance hiking friends, but now I have to inform them that I have uncovered a “best in class.” Or perhaps I should just create a different class. He is one of a kind. Ed Talone lives in … Continue reading

Trouble on the Kissimmee River

I want to share disconcerting news received this week from Sandra Friend about Florida government agencies that have signed on to support the Florida Trail, backing out of commitments to the trail by claiming other priorities. What follows are two examples of these agencies: 1) South Florida Water Management District … Continue reading

The Saloon Door Story

I have a trail story for you ….. In 1978 the American Hiking Society, newly formed, wanted to make some sort of grand appearance in the political arena. I was the founding president of this new organization. We had a very impressive board. There was a lot of brainstorming as … Continue reading

The 50th Year of the Florida Trail

Tomorrow begins the NEW YEAR, the 50th year since the founding of the Florida Trail and the Florida Trail Association. A lot of activities are planned throughout the year. Be sure to check the Florida Trail Association website from time-to-time to see what’s cooking. You’ll also find links to the … Continue reading

Enjoy the Outdoors!

Walk the woods, Hike the hills, Backpack the back country. It’s not just healthy, it’s the best exercise! We’ve been doing it since we first began hunting and gathering. • No demands on the environment • Consumes only your body’s energy • Inexpensive • Non-polluting • Clears the mind and … Continue reading

Trail Detours

Imagine barreling down an Interstate on your way up north and coming to huge signs that say “I-95 ends in one mile” and then getting shunted off to a two-lane county road. I was talking with Ryan Smart, President of 1000 Friends of Florida, the other day, and he told … Continue reading